Harmonial is an interactive stress management program designed to provide deep and lasting relaxation through stabilization and balancing of the central nervous system using chromotherapy, sound therapy, and scents.  It’s designed to gauge the individual’s receptivity to various shades and colors of light. Additional personal data is collected and analyzed through Harmonial which creates a customized program designed specifically for each individual to produce the ultimate in deep relaxation.

Each subsequent program re-calibrates the recipient’s current mood and builds upon the individual’s previous sessions and offers additional and different content to maximize relaxation and stabilization.


color_therapyColor affects all living cells and can have a very profound and healing effect on mind and body. It can also affect a particular mood or state of mind. Everything on earth contains color and if the human system lacks a specific color, disease will occur. Also, if disruptions in circadian rhythms are present, sleep disturbances and depression often occur.

Colors will influence the flow and amount of energy in our bodies and chromotherapy is being utilized to restore balance. The secret is to know which color is needed to keep the body in a frequency that will keep the body in maximum health and harmony.

Harmonial will determine the primary color according to the answers from the questionnaire before the session. While relaxing in a comfortable chair in a darkened room, your client will experience beautiful personalized colors and nature while listening to synchronized binaural music. Predetermined aroma will also be added to to enhance a wonderful relaxing experience that will stay with her for days.


sound waveMusic is an integral part of Harmonial and has been used for thousands of years as a compliment to the natural healing process, to improve mood and mindset and even restore energy.

Sound is a very important tool for staying healthy. Sound has no boundaries, thus allowing it to penetrate every cell of the body; not only affecting the body but also the psyche.

Music also changes brain activity which can counteract stress, slow your heart rate and breathing, and help reverse the damaging effects of chronic stress. Significant other benefits of music therapy can be lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity and keeping depression and anxiety at bay.

Through the Harmonial headset your client will hear binaural beats that will in conjunction with the beautiful colors, landscapes and aroma, help balance body and mind.


aromatherapyAromatherapy is a natural and gentle way to treat physical and mental issues and can help reduce anxiety, reduce pain and enhance energy.

The aromas will be based on the seven chakra colors and will be selected for your client in accordance with his or her answers to the questionnaire before the Harmonial session. For example, Geranium, is one of the aromas that is often selected reacting to red vibes, while Lavender is often used in conjunction with the blue vibes. The colors, music and aroma are all synchronized for an optimal session tailored specifically for your client’s needs.

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