Harmonial is an effective aid in reducing the symptoms of anxiety, sleep disorders and other conditions.  It is complimentary with services such as acupuncture, massage and others.

A multisensory stress-management system that employs the elements of:

benefits_of_harmonial1. Chromotherapy/color therapy (through the use of visuals),
2. Sound therapy (through the use of music), and
3. Aromatherapy (through the use of aromatic compounds—that is, essential oils)
to provide the experience of deep and lasting relaxation through the stabilization balancing of the central nervous system.

Its unique approach is designed to gauge the individual’s receptivity to various shades of color and light using bio-feedback. In addition, personal data is collected and analyzed through the system’s diagnostic computer which uses a highly-sophisticated, proprietary software program to create a customized program for each individual.

This customized program is designed to produce the ultimate in deep relaxation and stress management for the patient/client.

For each subsequent Harmonial therapy session, the software program recalibrates the patient’s/client’s current mood and creates a new therapy session based on the patient’s/client’s current state of well being.

For that reason, no two Harmonial therapy sessions are alike.



“I was stressed from air travel and nervous…I experienced the Harmonial session after traveling across the country for business meetings with a prospective employer. Stressed from air travel and nervous about my meetings, I entered the session out of balance. After my Harmonial treatment I was focused and had a productive meeting with my business associates.”

– Female, age 61

“As a dayspa owner for over twenty years, I was always looking for the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief for our clients. Harmonial more than fullfilled that wish and has become an essential part of our business.”

– V.T., Spa Owner, Jacksonville, Florida

“The Harmonial has been a great investment in my Spa. I use it separately or incorporate it with massage therapy and body wraps for our client’s ultimate tranquility. It has
upgraded our spa services to the ”NEW AGE” giving them the ultimate innovative treatment through technology”

– Mindy Suchor, Monixcare, Wyoming

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